Monday Reads: INVADED

Clearly it's been a slow reading week since I started INVADED by Melissa Landers a week ago and I'm still reading. I'm hoping to finish today because I have a pile of books from the library to read. It's not that I'm disliking the book- I get sucked in every time I pick it up. I've just been super busy this past week and reading has kinda fallen by the wayside.
So far, INVADED has been a good sequel, though like most *cough* all *cough* sequels for me, they never live up to the first. It could be because Aelyx and Cara aren't together this entire book (maybe they are by the end... we'll see) which takes some of the fun out of it. Also, I've seen certain things coming and I've been waiting for the characters to get there faster. But the storyline has hooked me, and Melissa Landers knows how to keep the reader interested.

Have you read ALIENATED and INVADED by Melissa Landers? What are your thoughts?