I'm taking a break from my Wednesday Writes post this week (I haven't been writing anyway, I've been researching) to take part in the FABLED blog tour.

What is FABLED, you ask? Keep your panties on, I'll tell you...

Ever dreamed of a life that reads more like a book? Rowena did until she stumbled into a fairy tale that wasn't so friendly.

Rowena thinks the Grimm’s infamous podcasts are simply another teen fad until she finds herself trapped in a land of nightmarish storybook characters. She tries desperately to flee Mezzanine and return home, but Dresdem, Mezzanine’s wicked monarch, plans to use Rowena’s access to her world to bring dark magic and absolute rule into Georgia and beyond.

But when Rowena’s dear friend Madeline falls into Dresdem’s grasp, her battle with him becomes war, and all hopes of home are temporarily thwarted. With the help of an invisible hero, a beast, and an owl, she sets out to free Madeline from a deadening sleep. But Rowena must become her own hero when she finds herself bound by the kingdom’s darkest family. She must make the ultimate choice – align herself with her enemies or live on the run forever. 

I interviewed Vanessa about her book and here is what she had to say:
1. What is Fabled about in one or two lines?
Trapped in a world of dark magic, Rowena must learn how to become her own hero. Easier said than done.
2. Who is your MC? Why did you want to write her story?
I always say that I write whoever is the loudest, which was true with Rowena, but the idea of a typical southern girl stepping into an enchanted forest truly fascinated me. In the end though, I suppose we all write the stories we want to read.
3. Where does Fabled take place? What is your favorite specific setting in the book?
Mezzanine is the primary setting for Fabled. It’s bound by neither time nor death. My favorite specific setting is the maze in the royal garden. The endless depth, threat of being caught, and time running out only adds to its intrigue.
4. About your antagonist- what should we know? What about him/her/them would we run away from?
There’s more than one antagonist in the story, but the most loathed character, according to my readers is Dekel. He has an insatiable appetite for collecting beautiful things, including women. That’s not so unusual, but when he’s seemingly only fifteen, things start to get a little interesting.
5. Last, can you share a favorite line or moment from the story?
One of my favorite moments takes place early in the story when Rowena is thinking about her love for Dashielle, her boyfriend. “I was his moon, and I planned to orbit his planet forever.”
FABLED sounds awesome! You can find it on Amazon and on Goodreads.
Now, a little about the author:
Vanessa K. Eccles graduated Troy University with a degree in English. She currently serves as executive editor of Belle Rêve Literary Journal and is founder of the book blog YA-NASisterhood. When she’s not writing or devouring books, she enjoys the lake life with her Prince Charming and their four dogs.

You can find her at her website and on Twitter.