Friday Loves

First, I have to give a big lovey shout-out to my CPs who are awesome! My books wouldn't get anywhere without them, not to mention all the other things like taglines and queries and the little things you never realize you'll need an extra set of smart brains for.

My second love is for Writer's Digest magazine and my local library that carries it. I have to get a marketing plan together for my publisher and the latest issue has a list of the best websites for writers and an issue from a couple of months ago is all about marketing. Hallelujah for that!
This would be me without WD

Love number three is completely off the writer path. MARVEL. I love you Marvel and all your amazing superheroes (but get on that Black Widow movie and merch, pretty pretty please!). We've been marathoning some Marvel movies lately to get ready for the new Avengers this weekend and it's been awe-some!

What do you love this week?