On Being Dumb

Lately, I've just felt so DUMB.

I don't mean dumb in the way of making mistakes while querying, ie: addressing my queries to Dear Agent(s), or telling them how much my kids really want me to be a published author. And I don't mean dumb in the way of mistakes while writing, ie: screwing up the grammar during dialogue or using way way too many adverbs.

I think by now I know MOST of those dumb things writers can do (I say most because I know I still do dumb things from time to time).

No, I feel dumb in a completely different way.

For the past year (or maybe more) I've felt like I'm in a blog slump. I just have nothing interesting to say. I read other people's blog posts, interviews, even tweets, and think, wow, they're so smart, so witty, so interesting... Meanwhile, I've got nothing. No new ideas to share, nothing wow-worthy. Nothing that will make people laugh or think. Nothing that hasn't been said before, and way better than I could ever do.

What's the cure for this dumbness? I'd really like to know. Until then, I'm determined to read even more blogs, rather than less. I'll keep reading like I always do, and get back to my writing routine. I'll live my life, and hopefully somewhere in there, I'll find out how to be interesting again. Until then... any tips?