Best Book of August

It's the end of the month and YA Highway wants to know:
What was the best book you read in August?

Although I'm not quite finished it yet, the best book of August is most likely Maid of Secrets (unless the ending turns out to be really crappy- which I doubt). I love historical, I feel right involved in the time period even though I don't know much about it. Meg is an interesting character- a confident thief but much less confident in her job at court. No confidence when it comes to men. There are plots and schemes, a murder to solve and nobody is who they seem. It's keeping me engaged and I can't wait to see how it ends. It made me really sad when I heard during WriteOnCon that historical just isn't selling in the bookstores. Buy it people! Historical is so good!

PS: If you thought I'd pick Siege and Storm for my fave, here's why I didn't. For some reason, it took me forever to get into it. I'm not sure why, but it wasn't until I was more than halfway through that I really wanted to read. As much as I loved Shadow and Bone (and the Darkling), this one didn't capture me as much. :(