Manic Monday

It's the last week before Back-to-School. I'm going to take every opportunity to sleep in while I still have the chance. Here's what I'm up to when I'm NOT sleeping:

Manic Writing

Oh the guilt. If I didn't start doing these Manic Monday posts, I wouldn't have to see how supremely pathetic August has been in the writing department. But once school starts and I get back into my routine, I'm going to kick my WIPs butt! Translation: finish it once and for all.

Manic Reading

Just finished Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo and just starting Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowan.

Manic Watching

I just finished season three of Merlin and boy was it awesome! I LOVE that show. It started out good for me in season one, but two and three are even better! I'm really anxious to get season four from my library. *bites nails, twitches legs, jumps up and down, paces, basically goes CRAZY*

Manic Listening

This song is adorbs! Love it!