The Mortal Instruments

Happy Labour Day!

Or, more accurately, Happy Last Day Before School Starts! Here's what I've been up to lately.

Manic Reading

I don't know if it's because I like to be a know-it-all or what, but I have this obsessive need to read or in most cases REread a book when I'm about to see the movie version. Or maybe it's just a great excuse to reread a book I love. Hence, I'm rereading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. For some reason, it surprises me to hear that people haven't read these books. They seem almost like YA classics to me. Must reads. If you read YA, how could you not have read at least something by Cassie Clare?
Her covers are some of my faves!

Anyway, here's a teaser, in case you haven't.

"You didn't have to come after me."
"Yes, I did," he said. "You're far too inexperienced to protect yourself in a hostile situation without me."
"That's sweet. Maybe I'll forgive you."
"Forgive me? For what?"
"For telling me to shut up." (page 111)

Manic Writing

Okay. I swear. It's September now, the summer is over, and I'm getting back to my schedule, including my writing schedule. Yes. I. Am. YesIamyesIamyesIam.

Manic Watching

City of Bones! Duh! I saw the movie on the weekend and thought it was excellent. I'm only halfway thru my reread and I don't really remember the book that well, but for as much as I've read, it doesn't seem like they made any major changes. (I hope it stays that way as I continue reading.) It's definitely a must-see.

Manic Listening

I love this song so hard. And if I've already posted it on my blog, who cares? It deserves a million mentions.