Voice and a Guilty Pleasure

     There's something I just realized. Now maybe I'm slow and everyone already knows this. Or maybe you don't, so I'm going to share, because I'm nice like that. Haha. Anyway, the agent who gave me feedback helped me to learn something indirectly. He pointed out some things in my MS that he thought were really funny. These were things that I didn't necessarily think were all that clever, or would even stand out. These were things I will call Melanie-isms. Words or phrases that only I would say. These are things that betas might suggest taking out (I honestly can't remember if mine did). Things that might not make grammatical sense. Things that might break some of the writing rules. BUT they were the things he loved. Things I need more of.
     Okay, is it just me, or did I say the word things way too much?
     Anyway, it helped me to learn this simple fact: DO NOT SUPPRESS YOURSELF. Maybe you say something one way and someone else says, what does that mean? Or that's not how you say it. Or whatever. But KEEP IT. Don't suppress things only you would say, even if you think they're lame. Don't quiet your own voice. Because it's what makes you YOU.
     Not only that, but I need to find ways to develop my voice. The agent thought some parts were funny, but he said the whole thing needed to be funny in my own way otherwise it won't stand out. So I need to really work on my creative juices.
     What do you do to work on your voice? Is there a way to do that? To develop it? Or is always writing the way to do it?
     On to my 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure
     Here it is, no explanation needed.
     Love Bug by The Jonas Brothers