Edge of Glory and Footloose

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 12: A Song From A Band I Hate
     Confession time: I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga (yes, I know, she's not a band). Some of her songs are great, some are catchy, and some plain annoy the crap out of me. Power to her for being her crazy and very individual self- it's just not my thing. However, I do LOVE this song (and like all my mixed feelings towards her, I HATE the video).

Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

Crush of the Week:
     I saw the new Footloose last night. I was four when the first came out, so it wasn't exactly part of my childhood. Meaning, I'm not one of those people who were all aghast about a remake. Kevin Bacon did a good job back then, but why not let someone else try?
     I loved the movie. It made me want to get up and dance. I thought it was clever that they used a lot of the same music from the original but remixed it. (For example, you know that song "I Need a Hero"? In the movie its sung very slow- loved it.) The dancing was fun. Julianne Hough did a great job as the wild preachers daughter. And Ren (Kenny Wormald) was sweet, funny, sarcastic, and a great dancer. So yes, he's my crush of the week. Sort of.
     I say sort of because there was someone else who totally STOLE the whole movie. He was hilarious. HILARIOUS. Everything out of his mouth was funny. Add to that his hic name (Willard), his hic overalls, and his really bad dancing- and you've got a recipe for... well, he's not all that cute really, but go see the movie and you'll see what makes him so awesome.

 Kenny Wormald looking all James Dean as Ren MacCormack

There were hardly any pics of Miles Teller as Willard- this is the best one I could find