All Fired Up and Love Drunk

     I'm all fired up again over my WIP, thanks to the help from my sister-in-law Emily over at Write About Nothing. She helped me do some brainstorming and come up with some really great ideas. I wrote some yesterday but I have one scene in particular that I can't wait to write.
     I love that all fired up feeling, the excitement, that writing can bring. I was lagging there a bit. One of the reasons for the lag is that I've been writing a lot of scenes with the "bad" guy. He's no fun and I hate him, so it hasn't been fun to write about him. Unfortunately, because I hate the guy so much, I think that's coming across on my MC. I'm going to have to be careful about that because she doesn't know he's bad, but I do (bwahahah).
     Another thing that fires me up is the band Boys Like Girls. I'm, stiiiilllll waiting on their next album (come on, dudes, what's taking so long???) but meanwhile- 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 11: A Song From My Favorite Band.
     Love Drunk (love this song and love this music video)