Checklist and Opera

     I swear, where does the day go? Every day it feels like I've got a billion things to do and I'm lucky to get done maybe five. Like yesterday- I could give a check for exercise, a check for groceries, a double check for writing because I wrote over two thousand words (yay), a check for blogging, etc... But I feel like I've hardly been reading other blogs, I barely read yesterday, and I didn't even get to watch Spooks (which I've been watching online lately when I find the time). Okay so maybe those aren't huge things, but I hate the slacker feeling. Not that I'm slacking, I just hate it when I don't get things done. It's even worse when I know an extra full day looms in front of me (Tuesdays mean loads of laundry all day, cleaning my bathrooms- ugh, and spending from 3:30-7pm in the car driving my kids to their stuff). I think I need Hermione's Time-Turner. Except we all know how she wiped herself out trying to do too much, so maybe it's better this way.
     Anyway, 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 14: A Song No One Would Expect Me To Love
     Honestly, I like probably one song from every type of music. But most people probably don't know that I have major love for this song. I even mention it in Sway. While I'm not this huge opera lover, I like some of the songs, and I like to sing it sometimes (my kids like me to sing their bedtime songs opera-style). So here's today's pick:

Nessun Dorma from Turandot by Puccini