Number Ones

     This week's Road Trip Wednesday prompt from YA Highway is as follows (ooh, I sound all smart and stuff):
What's your numero-uno reason for writing?
     Sheesh, that's hard. I can never pick just one of anything- one reason for writing, one favorite movie, one cookie...
     A couple years ago, when I'd wanted to be a writer but hadn't finished any stories, my reason would have been as simple as, I want to be a writer.
     Now, my answer is different. My numero-uno reason- because it makes me HAPPY. It really does. Sure, sometimes its super-frustrating. Sometimes I find excuses not to write. Sometimes I write and think, man I SUCK at this! But in general, it makes me happy. It makes me feel useful. It makes me proud of myself. And it's cathartic. Not just escaping into my own head, but writing it down, having those characters and scenes from my head come to life on paper is simply amazing and when I do it- I SMILE.
     So what about you? What's your numero-uno reason for writing?
     And on those days when I feel like total garbage, or like I suck bricks and will never do anything but write stories that only a handful of people will see... I try to remember this song...
     30 Day Song Challenge, Day 15: A Song That Describes You
     I couldn't really think of a song that describes me. I listen to some songs and think, I wish I was like that, or I wish my life was like that. And other songs remind me of the worst parts of myself (is it a big surprise that I don't want to share those?). So I chose a song that motivates me- that makes me want to rise above it all, pull through anything, survive. A song that is so heartbreakingly beautiful. A song I hope I can live up to.

Skyscraper, by Demi Lovato