Crushes and Tears

     So my crush of the week is actually a crush from last Saturday when I saw The Three Musketeers. I know what you're all going to think- I'm picking Orlando Bloom, right? Well, while I do think he is totally crush-worthy, in The Three Musketeers, he looked like this:

Nice outfit dude 

     A little girlie, a little fruity, a little freaky. And he wasn't the nicest guy in the movie either, which sort of ruins it for me. No, my crush this week is him:

     I know what you're going to say, isn't Logan Lerman a little young? Well, yes, at nineteen, he is a bit young. But what a cutie. And he was the perfect D'Artagnan- cocky yet sweet, innocent yet dangerous. And I love a guy who can handle a sword. (Haha.) I loved the movie too. It was a little strange at times- it reminded me a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean, although I couldn't really say why, you'd have to watch it to see the similarity. My hubbie thought the plot was a little thrown together. But I have to admit that when I'm watching a movie with excellent costumes and lots of swordfighting, I don't really pay attention to anything else. Sad but true.
     Oh, and I need to give an honorable mention to an actor who, while he doesn't exactly rate high on the hot-o-meter, I LOVE LOVE LOVE him as an actor- I think he's amazing: Matthew MacFadyen.

     30 Day Song Challenge, Day 22: A Song I Listen To When I'm Sad
     The Lonely, by Christina Perri. Love this song, even though it makes me feel all achy inside. Listen to it, you'll see what I mean.