Wedding Memories

     30 Day Song Challenge, Day 23: A Song I Want To Play At My Wedding
     I was married ten years ago last April. I was a week over age 21. And I was still an 'N Sync fan. When we were dating, my hubby stood in line with his (male) cousin to get tickets to an 'N Sync concert for me. When the wristband numbers were called just four before his, he let out a loud "woo-hoo" (eliciting glares from girls all around). We got fourth row seats. It was an awesome concert and I still regret not having my camera there because I could have gotten some amazing pictures. Naturally, we chose This I Promise You for our wedding song. A song I still love today. And oddly enough, maybe because it's an old song, I couldn't find the full music video! So I picked a live version instead.