New Alric

     Ok, I had my Alric already picked out. But sorry James Maslow, after seeing Beastly last night I think I've changed my mind.

     Um, Alex Pettyfer- will you PLEASE be my Alric. All I will say is whoo-eee mama! He's got the right build, the right lips, and exactly the right wavy, curls-around-his-ears hair- he's only got to dye it brown. I describe Alric as looking like a Calvin Klein model and I think Alex Pettyfer has that down no prob. He's even British. The only thing I don't know is his eye color, but if they're not green there's always color contacts. Can you not totally see this guy in armor, wielding a sword? (I can!)

     Funny thing is, as I was just looking him up (to see if he's British, not to ogle- I swear), I read that he might play the role of Jace Wayland in the movie version of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments novels. He's also been offered the role of Daniel Grigori in the movie version of Lauren Kate's novel "Fallen" (what I'm reading right now and yes, he looks exactly the part for that book too). So obviously I'm not the only one who can see him as her novel's hero. By the time my book gets made into a movie (I know I know, don't laugh at my blind optimism), he'll probably be all character-from-a-novel-ed out. Ah well.

     In other news... I'm changing the music. As much as I love BLG, it's a new month which means new music and I think this time I'm going to pick my fave One Republic songs (including "All This Time" which is total inspiration for the very end of my very last Jessica book).
     So enjoy... the music and the beautiful Alex Pettyfer.