Head Explosion

     Well it's been an interesting week. Not that anything exciting has happened. Rather it's been interesting for me emotionally. I've talked before of ups and downs and I swear, my life is full of them (as I'm sure most people's lives are).

     Last week while at my parents house, I worked a bit on book 2 and then I had inspiration for a new chapter 1 for book 1 so I wrote that as well. Then when I got home, after a weekend of slacking off, I went back to book 1 to incorporate my new chapter 1. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. In fact I remember on Tuesday, staring at the computer screen and thinking, I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I SHOULD do this. Am I messing with an already good thing? Am I actually making it worse? Should I just leave it alone?

     In the past, my new beginnings haven't changed much past chapter one. This time though I had to change quite a bit in the next three chapters or so to make it work. That involved cutting things that I really liked. But I slogged on through and did it. Then on Wednesday I printed it off and edited it on paper (three chapters only). Today I fixed those edits on the computer and I'm about to go and edit it on paper again to see if I've managed to make it work.

     Through all this worry about my chapter one (something I worry about constantly), I've had inspiration for a completely different book. Not Jessica, not fantastical in any way, not YA even. I'm quite excited about it but of course I don't want to jump in on that until I've finished book 2 of Jessica. To add to all that my mind has been full of the book I finished yesterday, Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty. It was a good book, although the title is a bit misleading. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be about but it was very good and I'd recommend it.
     Plus my mind's been full of various period movies I've watched lately (hence all the pictures). It started with Wives and Daughters at my mom's house. And because that got me in the mood for period movies, I've since watched Becoming Jane (one of my all-time fave movies) and Persuasion (the one with oh-so-handsome Rupert Penry-Jones, see below).

     Of course that doesn't include all the things my mind is usually full of like my kids, my daily chores, trying to not eat like a cow, the three Gossip Girl episodes I watched this week, and so on and so on.
     It's a wonder my brain hasn't exploded. Actually, this is quite normal for me and I'm starting to think it's what makes me so exhausted all the time. It's not what my body is doing physically, but all the zillions of things that are constantly on my mind all at once. I think, in fact, that it's the plague that most women have to endure. Case in point: in Harry Potter 5 Hermione explains all the different emotions Cho Chang is going through when Harry kisses her, leaving Harry and Ron both speechless with incredulity (see movie clip below, it's right at the end of the clip after the harry/cho kiss).
     Anyway, to avoid head explosion, I have a blog. With long entries such as this that start somewhere but end in a completely different place. Already I can feel my head lightening...