Can I just say, YAY FOR BOOKS!
     A couple of nights ago I started watching a movie. About half an hour in I sat there thinking, do I really want to watch this for another hour or more? Am I all that interested? Do I really care if Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin work it out?
     Um, NO. I'd much rather read. And that's what I did.
     I just don't get those people out there who don't read. Who think TV or movies are way more entertaining. Try reading. Just try it- one book. I can even recommend some great ones, depending on your interests (I've read something from almost every genre). Although I do enjoy tv and movies, there's just something about a really great book that has me almost lost to the world around me, even when I'm not reading. I can feel the stories so much more, understand the characters on deeper levels. I get excited in a way that I don't get for anything else.

     The book I just finished this time which had me deleting that silly movie off my PVR half an hour in, was Diane Peterfreund's "Rampant". An awesome book about a unicorn hunter. I love how she took our fairy-tale-like notions of sweet, cuddly unicorns and changed that into scary, man-eating, fanged monsters. It was something so new and fresh (at least for me) that I couldn't help but get caught up in it. I just finished the book this afternoon and I wasn't disappointed with anything. I can't wait to get my hands on "Ascendant", the sequel to Rampant.
     I just want to say it again. Yay for books. Because they are awesome.