For Such A Time Is This

     A few Sundays ago, Sis. Williams gave a great RS lesson. It was based on a talk given by Norma B. Ashton (wife of Marvin J. Ashton) and called "For Such A Time Is This". She basically read different bits of the talk and gave us pretty paper to write notes down on. The talk had so many great things in it that I just had to share my notes.
  • We spend too much time preparing for an unknown future that we forget to live- I totally do this sometimes! I look ahead, planning on what's coming next month, next holiday, next birthday, next season, that I'm missing what's happening NOW.
  • Waiting for a brighter future might make you miss a beautiful day- LOVE THAT! How much of my life and my kids lives am I missing because I'm constantly dreaming of being a published author?!
  • Have an abundant life today and tomorrow
  • Life is what happens when you have other plans- duh. We're going through that right now with a conflict between my awesome jazz class and a possible new calling for Jeff
  • Work with what you have
  • Others are NOT responsible for how we react to our problems- such an important thing to remember!!!
  • We need to find our own answers on how to live- so true! Just because X works for so-and-so, doesn't mean it will work for us. Just because Miss-Amazing-Mother uses cloth diapers to help the environment, doesn't mean we have to too.
  • "Ought to" and "Should" are NOT commandments- that goes with the last one. Yes we "ought to" bake homemade bread, or we "should" potty train our children by the time they're two, but that doesn't mean it HAS to be that way (although kudos to all you who manage those because I sure can't!)
  • To give up our interests wrinkles the soul- aw, love it. Helps me to feel not quite as guilty about my writing habit
  • And my favorite: If we trust in God, we won't experience fear- that goes along with my fave scripture, ...I fear not what man can do, for perfect love casteth out all fear (Moroni 8:16)
     So there we have it. A great talk, a great lesson (and a pretty picture)- so great that I had to share. Hope you get inspired like I did.