So, here's my plan. Why am I writing it on my blog? Do you really care? No. Probably not. But this is my plan and if I write then maybe I'll stick to it. Like my new years resolutions, whatever they were.
     I've finished editing my first book for the last time. Well, at least the last time for now! Haha. What I mean is, I'm sending it, and I'll keep sending it out for while, but if I get nowhere I think I'm going to shelve it for awhile. As much as I love the book, Jessica and Alric, and the whole idea for books to come, I don't think I should overdo it to the point of squashing it flat.
     Meanwhile, I'm finishing my second Jessica book. Why? Mainly because I have the story in my head and I need to get it out. I don't want to leave it sitting there unfinished, even if I'm just going to shelve that one too once I'm done. I HAVE to get it finished. So I'm working on that now. My only problem with that is I'm making quite a few changes to what I've already got: adding a character and changing an exisiting character almost drastically. So that's been work but it's got to be done before I can move foreward and finish the darn thing.
     Then... well, bye-bye Jessica and hello somebody new. I'm going to write something completely new. Don't know what yet, but I do have an idea on what my new character is going to be like and a loose idea of what's going to happen to her.
     So there it is. My PLAN.
     It's funny because awhile ago I remember thinking, if Jessica doesn't go anywhere, will I really write something else? But now, even though I've started getting those no's again (and they hurt, believe me), I know that the more writing I do, the better I will get. And hey, maybe if one of my later books is more successful than my first one, hopefully I can go back to Jessica and get her out there. Because I just can't let her go. And I probably never will be able to.