Ok, I've got problems.
     Well, duh. I've always known I had problems, but now I can add another one to an alarmingly long and growing list.
     New problem: constantly rewriting my first chapter. I did it AGAIN this past week while I was at my parents house. The thing is, I've liked every one of my zillion beginnings. I'm just trying to find the BEST one. The one that grabs, that hooks, that explains without too much backstory. I think I've got it and then one day out of the blue I'll get this totally different idea and I just have to write it down.
     It's become an issue, let me tell you. An addiction maybe. I can't just leave it. I can't let it go. This latest new beginning is a bit different than before but I think it's going to work. I hope it will be the last one. Hopefully.
     Ha ha, yeah right. In another week or month I'll probably be writing a new one. Sheesh! There needs to be a can't-stop-re-writing-your-first-chapter support group out there. Maybe I'll start one...