As I'm back into the querying process- spending time researching agents, reading countless blogs and books, and still editing- I found an interesting bit of info. This author (who will remain nameless because even though she posted this online I still feel weird about giving away other people's info so freely) was sharing how she got her agent on one blog and she gave these stats that I found interesting:

-11 years of writing

-11 manuscripts

-211 rejections from editors (2 fulls and 1 partial requested over the years)

-12 contests/grants entered (1 win)

-75 rejections from agents (12 fulls and 2 partials requested, mainly last year)

-1 yes!

     Now I've only written one book (and about 1/3 of another), I've only received a handful of rejections, never entered a contest, and have only been writing seriously for a little over a year. But I found her stats heartening. Why? Well, the downside is that it might take me 11 years to finally get my yes. I might need a lot more writing experience to get that yes. But on the other hand, my bare number of no's doesn't even come close to hers. It's yet another reminder to keep plugging away. And to keep writing especially so I can just get better and better.