Cover Reveal for GRANTED!

One of my amazing CP's has a book coming out soon called GRANTED, forthcoming from Future House Publishing! Her cover was revealed last week, but I wanted to feature it today because this is an awesome book I had the pleasure of reading a few years ago. 

Are you ready for the cover? Here it is...

I love this cover, and I love the new title, too! Want to know what it's about? Here's the blurb:

The existence of genies may be the best kept secret in the history of the world.

After being trapped in the Sahara Desert her whole life, sixteen-year-old genie Brielle finally gets her first assignment in Tri-Cities, Washington. She eagerly heads out into the human world to grant her first wish so she can gain her magic. Unfortunately, her assigned human, Addie, gave up believing in wishes years ago and would much rather everyone just leave her alone.

Complicating everything is Rock, Brielle’s childhood friend turned enemy. Brielle doesn’t need him ruining her first trip out into the human world. Too bad she can’t keep her mind–or her eyes–off him and his annoyingly cute dimples.

To make matters worse, genies in the Tri-Cities area are suspiciously dying. One broken lamp could be an accident, but after three, Brielle suspects someone has uncovered the genies’ secret and is slowly killing them off one by one.

With the Genie Council ignoring the threat, Brielle desperately needs to gain her magic so she can stop the murderer before she–or Rock–is the next genie to die.

And a bit about Michelle, who's fab by the way:

Michelle Merrill lives in the high-desert of Idaho with her husband and five kids. Besides her love for writing she enjoys reading books, eating candy, listening to music, and snuggling down for a good movie. She names her computers after favorite fictional characters and fictional characters after favorite names.

Find Michelle at her website. Or on Twitter and Facebook. You can find GRANTED on Goodreads. Check it out!