Friday Loves: Dance Recitals!

My three daughters had their dance recitals on the weekend- one for each of them, which made it a weekend of dance! I don't mind at all, I LOVE DANCE.

My oldest, who is 12, was in Dance Theatre this year. She's done ballet, jazz, and hip hop in the past, but is gradually leaning away from dance (boohoo). They did a song from FINDING NEVERLAND called "We Are All Made of Stars."

My middle daughter, age 9, was in two dances this year- one ballet, one jazz. For ballet she danced to an instrumental version of "Firework" and for jazz, "Everything is Awesome." Even though it was her fourth year of dance, it was her first time having two numbers to perform and she was nervous. But she did awesome!

It was my seven-year-old's second year of ballet and she danced to a song from The Good Dinosaur. It always amazes me that the little ones know their steps, and she was no exception. She saw me as she was doing her final pose and waved as she danced off stage.

This might be my last year as a dance mom. Next year my oldest wants to do singing, the middle wants to do figure skating, and the youngest gymnastics. It makes me sad that I won't be able to attend recitals and see their sparkly costumes and do the hair and makeup, but I've always left their choice of after-school activity up to them, so there it is. I'll miss it, but it's been a fun eight years!