Friday Loves: THE PARADISE

One of my extremely awesome CP's, Michelle Merrill, and I have pretty much the same taste in TV, namely period dramas. She recommended to me a show called THE PARADISE and I'm so glad she did because I love it!

*The trailer makes it seem a lot more racy than it actually is*

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this show, or what it was even about. I pretty much just saw the costumes and was like, SOLD. Ohmygosh, the costumes. The FASHION. Seriously, major SWOON. Especially Katherine Glendenning's entire wardrobe. Oh to get to wear those clothes! *dies*

Katherine Glendenning 1.jpg

Katherine Glendenning played by Elaine Cassidy

Anyway, here's what Wikipedia says about the show since they sum it up better than I could (which I should be able to do being a writer and all, but whatever).

Series 1 begins in 1875, and portrays the lives and loves of the people who work, shop and trade, in and around the first English department store. The owner of The Paradise department store is widower John Moray. Moray was once a draper's boy in Emersons, the small shop that grew under his managership into The Paradise, which has come to dominate the high street to the detriment of small shopkeepers nearby.

Into this world comes Denise Lovett, from the small town of Peebles in Scotland, whose uncle Edmund is one of the shopkeepers struggling to survive. Denise takes a job at The Paradise and is soon seen by Moray as a rising star, to the annoyance of Miss Audrey, the head of ladies' fashion, and of Clara, a fellow shopgirl. Moray is financially dependent on Lord Glendenning, whose daughter Katherine is determined to marry Moray and sees Denise as a direct threat to her ambitions.

Denise is such a great example of a female character who is strong yet doesn't overstep her bounds (usually). At first I wasn't quite sure about Moray- sometimes he seemed a little sinister and sometimes totally sweet- but he became clearer as the season went on. The show took little twists that I didn't see coming and I thoroughly enjoyed all eight episodes of season 1. I've just started season two and am already bummed that they cancelled the show after just 2 seasons. *sad face*

Anyway, if you like period dramas, check this show out. It's a winner!