Another great reading week, but I'm reading HARRY POTTER so what do you expect? 


I loved GOBLET OF FIRE, of course. It's where the books start to get a little more grown-up. As always, JK Rowling does a fantabulous twist, and even though I knew what it was, it's still exciting to read to that big reveal!

After I finished GOBLET, my daughter was still on ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and I had a reserve come in at the library, so I took a brief break from HP to read DUMPLIN' by Julie Murphy. 

I loved this book, like so much. The only thing that disappointed me was the end. I wanted more. It ended way too abruptly, IMO. Otherwise, EXCELLENT book, and one I want all my daughters to read when they get older. The things Willowdean thinks about her body are so spot on- there were times when I was like, YES. SHE GETS IT. I think all women, no matter their size, would be able to relate. A definite must read.