What's Up Wednesday: Love Poems and SpongeBob

I read THE CONSPIRACY OF US by Maggie Hall which I loved. It was like a YA Dan Brown but with less interrobangs (hallelujah), a little less history (which I actually missed), and more swoons (I love swoons). It ended on a cliffhanger and I really want the next book. Now I'm reading HEIR OF FIRE by Sarah J. Maas. I'm having a hard time with this book. I'm almost 200 pages in and just not feeling it. Like at all. This is where fantasy loses me- an entire book about TRAINING. Ergh. Not that the whole book is about that, but the MC has left the setting and the people of the last two books behind and I'm missing that. The subplots the author has brought in just aren't grabbing me. :(

It was not a great writing week for me. I got in 1k and that's it. Blah. But I got my pitch ready for PitchMadness, and rewrote my query and re-entered the trenches on Monday. All that took up a lot of time, not to mention my kids had seven school days off so of course I was busy with them.

This is always a hard one to answer when I haven't been very productive! But I found something recently that has INSPIRATION written all over it. Turns out, Richard Armitage, AKA: the deep-voiced sometime-Dwarf, narrated some classic love poems and they're FREE on audible. One of the poems is one I used at the beginning of my MS JAR OF HEARTS (which needs more revisions). I don't have the audible app, but you can find some of the poems on YouTube.
There are three poems in this sample (someone has added the North and South soundtrack to the background), and the first one I use in JAR OF HEARTS.

My youngest turned six two weekends ago. We celebrated with just the fam on her actual birthday, then last Saturday we had her party where she brought two friends to a movie and then dinner and cupcakes at her favorite place- McDonald's. The movie she wanted to see was the new Spongebob, and it was PAINFUL. I don't even mind Spongebob all that much, my kids used to watch the show all the time. But this movie... BLAH. The kids liked it though, so there's that.
I also had to make a trip to the passport office. Because I'm Canadian, to be paid by a US publisher, I have to get my passport certified and fill out some IRS forms. Lots of fun. Anyone speak Accountant? Because I sure don't.
Anyway, what's up with you?