Love List #5

This week's LOVE LIST is all about the videos.

Last Saturday I saw The Duff. I read the book a few years ago so I don't remember it well enough to say if the movie stuck to the book or not, but I really liked the movie. The scene with her and the mannequins dragged on a bit (like okay, she's a weirdo, we get the point), and it did get a bit HERE'S THE MORAL OF THE MOVIE at the end, but it was still hilarious and I loved it. Oh, and the mean girl was straight up mean girl without another layer, and I doubt it's like that in the book (is it?), and this was also kinda annoying. But otherwise, super funny. (I'm not selling this movie very well, am I? Just watch the trailer.)
I read in a mag that the scene with his twitching pecs was totally improvised!

Another love this week: Big Hero 6. I saw this movie with the kids when it first came out in theatres and loved it then just as much as I love it now. One of my fave animated films.
One of my favorite parts- the Baymax fist bump

My last love of the week isn't a movie, and I already mentioned it in my What's Up Wednesday post, but this deserves another mention. Richard Armitage reading Love Poems. LOVE POEMS PEOPLE. Audible definitely picked the perfect voice for this.
22 minutes of love poem bliss

What are you loving this week?