What's Up Wednesday and A-Z Blogging Challenge: H is for History

I'm combining my WUW and A-Z posts again today. Hopefully I can do a better job at making every WUW category relate better to my letter than I did last week!


What I'm Reading
I'm reading The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier and this book is soooo good. And totally fits with my H is for History thing because the book goes back and forth between present time and the Bronze Age with two interweaving stories about two different women. The present-day story involves a philologist (I wish someone would say that word to me out loud so I know how it's supposed to sound) searching around the world for clues about the Amazons, and the past story is a hunter's journey from Algeria to Crete, to Troy, and I'm not sure where else because I haven't gotten any further yet. Anne Fortier did this same past/present thing with her book Juliet (also SO GOOD) and she just does it so well. I really didn't describe the book very well, so go to Goodreads and check it out.

What I'm Writing
Nothing! I finished my revision for EPONINE and now it's in the hands of some very awesome readers (thank you thank you thank you!!!). I'm in the middle of two beta reads of my own with a third on the way so I think I'll stay away from my own writing for a bit and focus on these stories. History wise, one of these manuscripts takes place in Jamaica during the late 1700s (I think- the author never actually says).

What Inspires Me Right Now
History has always been an inspiration to me. I love historical novels, historical movies, historical anything. I love the clothes and the wars, the struggles, the loves, monarchy and anarchy and everything in between. Historical novels can sometimes be bland, but when they're not, they're my favorite! Although I'm not writing historical myself at the moment, I hope to be able to go back to my time-travel novel one day because I miss it!

What Else I've Been Up To
History wise? Nothing. Other wise? Also nothing. Nothing exciting, anyway.

And my H songs for the day...
And nothing to do with History but always makes me want to take a road trip when I hear it:
Home by Phillip Phillips

What have you been up to? And what's your H for today?