A-Z Challenge: G is for Graphic T-Shirts

I have this problem. And I just can't stop myself. It's getting a little out of hand but I don't know what to do. Maybe I need a support group or something. Someone who understands and can help me STOP.


It started out a long time ago when I got it into my head to collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. I had three before my collection went defunct. I don't even know what happened to those t-shirts but I've never lost that insane desire to want ALL THE T-SHIRTS. So now...

This doesn't even include some of the random shirts I have like: Lucky Charms, Air Force, Nautilus, I Heart Paris, Firebird, USS Arizona, BYU, I Heart Canada... you get the idea. And not only those, but I just ordered 2 more all thanks to a blog I found during this A-Z challenge. I'm looking at you Tea and Kneesocks. ;) Just kidding, I'm so excited for my new shirts!!! Nexy up, I MUST have a Captain America t-shirt.
 Another problem-slash-obsession I have? Boy Bands. (I actually used to have a couple *NSYNC t-shirts but I don't know what happened to them.) I know I know, it doesn't start with G. But this song does...
(I used to looooove this song ;)