A-Z Challenge: S is for SWAY

I'm not gonna say much about it, but Sway is the manuscript I'm currently querying. It's Adult contemp romance- a modern redo of Persuasion by Jane Austen. My MC (the Anne Elliot character) is a Juilliard graduate searching for a job and her ex-love (the Captain Wentworth character) is a famous singer/songwriter along the lines of Michael Buble. It takes place in LA and Las Vegas and there's drama and regret, beautiful clothes, parties, and of course, lots of music. Or rather, writing about music. ;)

A song that totally describes the feelings of my MC and how she feels when her ex comes back into her life, is my first S song for the day:
The Story of Us by Taylor Swift

One of the songs my MC plays at a particular heart-wrenching moment for her is this one, my second S song for the day:
Serenade by Schubert
Imagine this was a girl playing, and this would be my MC

If you could rewrite a favorite story, what would it be?