A-Z Challenge: R is for Reality TV

My husband watches a lot of reality TV. Shows like Wheeler Dealers and Pawn Stars and Duck Dynasty. I'm not really into that kind of stuff, nor have I ever gotten into the shows like Real Housewives or KUWTK.

I'm not totally immune to reality TV though. First off, I'm a sucker for The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's true. I know the show is so stupid and really does nothing to promote love or real relationships, but still, the drama, the dates, the roses. I can't help myself. Guilty pleasure? Yuh-huh.

Another reality show my husband and I usually watch together is The Amazing Race. Out of any reality show out there, this is the one I'd like to be on. I love seeing all the interesting places they visit throughout the world. (We missed the one airing right now though and haven't bothered to start watching from the middle.)

The one other reality show that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (it's probably my fave show ev-ah) is So You Think You Can Dance. Augh, I love it so much. The dancing, oh the dancing. I want to be on this show soooo bad, but I can't because even though I took dance for more than ten years, I'm not (nor have I ever been) that quality of dancer. And also I'm too old. Boo. But still. The show and the dancing is amazing and I can't wait until the next season comes on.

There are so many dances that I've loved in the past, but these two are the first that came to mind, funny enough both danced by Melanie:
Total Eclipse of the Heart danced by Melanie and Neil
(I love when she just throws herself at him! Amazing!)
I Got You danced by Melanie and Marko
And my R song for the day: