Writer Recharge: Week One

I don't have much to update since I only decided to do Writer Recharge on Friday and then got NOTHING done over the weekend except a lot of Olympics watching (Go Team Canada!).

I've got a lot to figure out for my revisions. I wish I had some sort of organizational thing going on with this but I've yet to come up with a system for big revisions. Right now I've got to make backstory notes on some of my secondary characters so I can flesh them out some more, and write down notes on different ideas. Then I'm thinking index cards for each chapter. Hopefully that will help me figure out what ideas to add and where.

Ack. I hate being unorganized. Also, I'm already thinking I shouldn't have made this goal because it's going to be a busy month what with the Olympics and visiting my parents for a week. But I'll do the best that I can and we'll see what happens...

How is your recharge going?