Writer Recharge Challenge

On Wednesday, a lot of the WUW posters were talking about Writer Recharge, a thing happening over at Sara Biren's blog. It's about setting a goal for the month of February, linking up on Monday's to talk about progress, and hashtagging it out on Twitter for support.

I decided to join up because I'm in the middle of revisions anyway but could use that extra boost to keep me focused. So here's my goal for the month of February:

Finish revisions on Eponine.

But not really. I just finished going through my in-manuscript notes from two CPs and now I need to fix some big issues. I need to add more world-building, more with the secondary characters, I need to change up a lot of the middle and the end. I've got a lot of BIG things to fix. This is what I would like to get done by the end of the month. I say "not really" because once that's done, I'll do another revision/read thru on paper. But for now, I'm giving myself three weeks to do a lot of adding and fixing. I feel like this might be a bit lofty, but it's something to aim for, which is why I'm participating in Writer Recharge.

Head on over to to Sara's blog for more info or check out the hashtag #WriterRecharge if you want to participate.