What's Up Wednesday: Or Rather, What's Down?

What I'm Reading
STILL waiting on Insurgent from the library. Grrr. On the upside, I got Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier from the library so I reread Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue in prep and now I'm on the last of the trilogy. These books are so much fun and I love them like crazy. It's funny because I remember when I read Ruby Red for the first time, I found it hard to get into at the beginning. I didn't have the same problem on my reread at all. But maybe that's because I knew what was coming. ;)

What I'm Writing
Oh gosh, I feel like such a slacker. I was supposed to start my revision of EPONINE the 1st week of January. Then I said, okay I'll start the next week. I still haven't started. BUT, I'm almost done critiquing a CPs MS, so once I'm done that and my reading pile diminishes a bit, I'm going to get cracking on EPONINE. Hopefully Monday.

What Inspires Me Right Now
To be honest, I'm not really feeling the inspiration right now. I've had a couple down days and so it's hard to find that spark, you know? I know it's still there somewhere and if it doesn't appear by Monday, I'm going to dig it out with a shovel or an ice pick, or whatever it takes to get myself lit on fire again. "This I vow," she said, head upturned, one hand pressed to her heart. Ha.

What Else I've Been Up To
My newly seven-year-old daughter had a birthday party last Saturday which reminded me why I was hesitant to do birthday parties in the first place. Girls can be M-E-A-N. I think I'm going to go back to doing a special activity for birthday kid and that's it. No party. That may sound harsh, but so is my daughter crying in my bedroom for 15 minutes because a girl was mean to her. I still have bad memories from my own birthday parties and I don't want that to happen to my kids.

ANYWAY, what have you been up to?