December Reads

I know it's already mid-January, but I never did a best book of December post, so here I go.

All Our Yesterdays: Good book, but I have major issues with the end. Issues that seem to be bugging me the more I think about them, even though it's been more than a month since I've read it.
On Writing: Very insightful. All writers should read this book. However, I was surprised that half of it was memoir. I didn't know that in advance so I kept thinking, as interesting as your life is, get to the writing advice. I see why he did it- you can see how many things from his life he's used in his writing, not to mention the trials he's gotten through. But I was still itching for those gems of writing advice.
Teardrop: Great book. Like the Atlantis twist. Looking forward to the sequel.
Sense & Sensibility: I enjoyed the book, but was disappointed with how SAME it was from the original.
Divergent: Even though this was my second read, I have to give the best book of the month to Divergent. It's an exciting book with interesting characters and a richly imagined world. I don't identify with Tris necessarily, but I understand her. And Tobias is not the typical swoony love interest but still manages to be swoony nonetheless. I've just started a reread of Insurgent. I remember not liking it as much as Divergent when I first read it so I'm interested to how I feel this time around.
BTW, I took that test at the end of the Divergent paperback and I'm a mix of Candor and Amity. (I had absolutely no Dauntless answers whatsoever. Big shocker.)