What I Wanted (A Hint: Everything!)

Manic Reading

Finished A Darkness Strange and Lovely last week and now I'm rereading Austenland by Shannon Hale. I forgot how much I loved this book. It's hilarious! I'm reeeeally hoping to see the movie this weekend (it comes out the 20th here in Canada). Here's a teaser:

"Women make life impossible until the man has to be the one to end it. There is no working it out past a certain point. How can anyone work out the lunacy?"
Mr. Nobley took a ragged breath, then his face went red as he seemed to realize what he'd said, where he was. He put the book down gently, pursed his lips, cleared his throat.
No one in the room made eye contact.
"Someone has issues," said Miss Charming in a quiet, singsongy voice. (page 100)

Manic Writing

I did pretty good on my WIP last week. Yay, me! I feel like a lot of what I wrote is garbage, and I'm seriously worried that my word count isn't going to be high enough (a first!) but right now I'm just trying to get the story out. Here's a snippet:

His smile says everything. It tells me that he’s won. That even a murder charge can’t keep him down. Worst of all, his smile says that he’s not done with me yet.

Manic Watching

I watched Anna Karenina over the weekend. The movie was a little strange and a lot depressing, but the dresses made it all worth it. Oh, the dresses! *swoons*

Manic Listening

First off, I have no clue why, when I post youtube videos, they don't show up on iPads (same with my Manic Monday pic above). I usually think I'm pretty computer savvy, but considering this and the fact that I can't get a darn GIF to work... yeah, not so savvy after all, am I? Anyway, I've been loving One Republic's new CD Native and this song happens to go along with my WIP rather well. If it doesn't appear, go check out What You Wanted by One Republic. It's a great song!