Daydreams and Yawns

I had one of those nights last night where no matter how hard I tried to go to sleep, I just couldn't shut my brain off. And it wasn't even that I was stressing about something. Almost the opposite in fact. I was daydreaming a story that I liked so much that even as my body started to drift off, my mind would snap me awake because it probably wanted more. As good as this story was, after four or so hours of trying to go to sleep, it got to be quite annoying. Needless to say, I won't be writing this story down. I like my sleep too much.

So I've got kind of random swirls going around in my brain today, all sort of buried under the current of I NEED A NAP.

This will be me ALL day. Except without the bathrobe. I don't do bathrobes.

Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment when I got NOT ONE favorite during #PitMad. Things looked up a bit when I was suddenly followed by one of my favorite authors- Diana Peterfreund. (Please don't let this be a mistake!) It felt like being followed by a rock star. I read her latest tweets after she followed me and she was having a discussion with some other writers about the phenomenon of the twitter pitch party. She noticed that the pitches that seem to get chosen more often than not are first of all YA/NA/MG and not so much adult. Also, that those pitches are usually ones with a huge and enticing hook. I somewhat agree. My Daze and Knights twitter pitch got many many requests while Sway (adult contemp) got none yesterday and a bare one or two at the last couple of pitch parties. While this makes me feel a bit better about not getting favorited, I also know that some pitches that are contemp, that aren't speculative, that are adult, that don't have a jaw-dropping hook, do get chosen. Ah, well. We can't win them all, can we?

Completely unrelated, my mom told me a quote earlier this week which has stuck with me because it's SO TRUE. She was reading an autobiography of Rembrandt and he said something like this (and keep in mind this has been passed from her to me and I have a terrible memory so it is NOT a direct quote),

"Everyone lives two lives: the life they dream about and the life they actually live. If you're lucky, both of those lives will intersect at some point."

I really liked this quote because I'm such a daydreamer so it's obvious that I hope ONE day, SOME day, that some of those daydreams will become reality. Here's hoping I get lucky. Happy Friday.