It's Party Time!

It's been a long road with this WIP but...

I finally got it finished!!!

Hey look, I figured out GIFs!

I started it last year around April (it's hard to remember that far back), working on it off and on for the past year and a half. When the summer ended, I was determined to finish it, and I did! In less than a month!

This WIP was especially difficult. It was in 1st person present when I'm used to past. And it's a lot darker than the other stuff I've written. I've had to go into the deep dark places of my soul, not somewhere I like to visit, and I still don't know if I managed to get it right. Also, I'm totally stressing over my low word count (57,711). That's totally new for me, usually I'm too high. BUT... I finished. That's what counts right now. So... PARTY TIME!!!

If you look in my windows right now, I'm probably doing this:

And I kinda want to do this. Any takers?

Finishing a first draft is the best. I'm waiting for a week or so until I start revisions. 1- because you're supposed to, and 2- because I want to hold onto this feeling. You know the one: This is the BEST MANUSCRIPT I'VE EVER WRITTEN, it's practically PERFECT!!! Yep, I'm holding onto that as long as I can until I pick it back up again and enter the "you totally suck as a writer" stage.

Until then, it's party time! I've finished my fourth manuscript! I think I deserve a drink! Oh wait, I don't drink. How about some of this?

Just kidding. I hate KFC (but I'd take Loki). Maybe this instead:

Yummmm *drools*