Best Book of September

It's the last day of September already which means, tomorrow I get to bring out the Halloween stuff! *cue creepy laughter and ghost howls*

I read a wide variety of books in September, and since I didn't answer the best book of the month question for YA Highway last week, I'll answer it now.

Sometimes it's so hard for me to pick a fave, but this month, it's very easy. And the winner is... AUSTENLAND!!!

Austenland was a reread for me. I picked it back up again thinking I'd be seeing the movie... but THE MOVIE ISN'T PLAYING HERE!!! I'm a little peeved about that, if you couldn't tell. But I'm so glad I reread the book. It's such a fun and hilariously funny book. Just thinking about it makes me want to reread it again... or better yet, SEE THE MOVIE. (What is wrong with Canada???)

An honorable mention goes to City of Bones, another reread. In this case, I got to see the movie at the same time I was reading the book. I love Cassie Clare and I still love this book. A Darkness Strange and Lovely was a good sequel, I really like this series, but I found myself very annoyed with the MC through most of the book. But isn't the cover gorgeous?!

What did you read in September?