Perfect Scoundrels

Have I ever mentioned that Ally Carter is one of my favorite authors?

Well, she is, because she's awesome, and she gets the honor of sole teaser today for Teaser Tuesday.

Angus gave an exaggerated sigh. "The Henley picked up the desk three days ago."

Gabrielle nodded, then hopped onto the counter and crossed her long legs. "And so that means..."

"We have to rob the Henley," Simon said.

Kat sank onto a truly uncomfortable sofa. "Again." (page 70)

This teaser comes 'atcha from Perfect Scoundrels, the third Heist Society novel. If you like kick-butt heroines, spy gadgets, twisty twists, and even a smattering of romance, then you MUST try out these books. They are so much fun and really should be made into movies someday. (That goes for her Gallagher Girls series as well.)

What are you reading this week?