An Enchanted Lucky Jar of Kisses

Ooh, I love this week's Road Trip Wednesday question:

What song would you love to see a book based on?

Sometimes I hear a song and think, that song is perfect for my WIP, or this or that manuscript. Other times I hear a song and think, wouldn't that make a great scene in a book?! I can't think of one song that I can imagine a WHOLE book based on, but there have been plenty of songs that inspire different scenes to play out in my head.

Enchanted is THE perfect song for that first-glance, first-touch, first-meet moment. It just screams YA to me. (BTW, this is a fan-made video- a mash-up of her other music videos)

Recently I was listening to this song and thought, now THAT would be fun to write about. 1940s, a young girl trying to break into Hollywood, the glitz, the glamour, the name in lights... I'm sure someone has already done this, but it would make an awesome book!
FYI: I could pick pretty much every TaySwift song. One of the things I love about her music is that each one of her songs is a story. It's easy to visualize the scene in my head because her lyrics paint the perfect picture.
I don't know how much I WANT to write about a jerk who uses and abuses girls. I like me a good guy, not a bad one. But this song makes me want to read a story about it. Someone else get on that, 'k?
I don't think a whole book could be based on this song, but listening to it- I just want to write a kissing scene.
(Excuse the Spanish subtitles, but I loved the pics in this video)
What song could you base a book on?