Two Teasies

I'm going to Teaser Tuesday you twice this week. Are you ready for it?

First, from Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi which I finished yesterday (I have this weird habit of finishing books on Monday's. I don't know why.):

"That's not anxious nonsense, Aria. It's what's happening. It's truth." He squeezed her hand and let go. "Please don't ever spare me that." (page 149-150)

And now, a teaser from the first ebook I've ever bought, One by Leigh Ann Kopans:

"No one back there cares about Ones."
My heart stutters. He's a One, too. "So... you never even got a chance at Superior Public?"
He shrugs. "I fit in fine here. I'm okay." The fact that he's smiling shows me he thinks he is, but the catch in his voice tells me the opposite. (page 38)