Black Widow Wannabe

I completely forgot to link up to Road Trip Wednesday last week, but hopefully I'll be more on the ball this week. YA Highway's question this week is:

In our Bookmobile selection this month, Amy Tintera's REBOOT, the main character has died and been reborn as a robot-like soldier. If you were reborn faster, stronger, and quicker healing, what's the first thing you'd do?
First: run away from the crazies who made me like that. Second: run to the nearest fast food joint because girl would be hungry! Third: (which probably should come before stuffing my face) I'd run home to my family!

After that, I'd definitely want to test out these cool new powers of mine. I've already tried out the running, so I'd probably have to lift some stuff. Like the car.

Yep, this would be me. Except without the big belly.

I'd throw some things around, to see how far they'd go. Then I'd probably want to get in a fight, just to prove how strong and quick healing I am. Then I'd probably get whooped because despite my super-strength, I don't have fighting skills.

So I'd learn how to fight. Once I could totally kick-A, I'd get me a sweet costume.

What? I could totally pull this off!

Then I'd take the next logical step: join the Avengers!

What? It's my daydream!