Since starting me new WIP last week, I've written a whopping... 1,193 words.
     After staring at the computer screen yesterday for about fifteen minutes and not typing a word, I was left wondering, well, first of all, what the heck's my problem??? then second of all, how do we find inspiration?
     Immediately I came up with a zillion things we can do to find ways to help us along in our writing. There's of course the easy ones: read, go on a walk, people watch, do a writing exercise, and the most obvious: write anyway, even if it's crap.
     I should've done the last one. Instead I walked away, choosing to finish the book I was reading.
     There's other things I've done in a jam when I don't know where to go with my WIPS: brainstorm with someone, character studies, and something that works extremely well for me- cleaning or doing some other mindless task that let's my mind float free and come up with different ideas.
     So the main question I have for myself is: Why didn't I do any of those things? Why haven't I for the last two weeks? Again- what is my problem???
     Ahhhh, if only I had the answer. I don't. But I do have a determination to make next week a better one than the past two. And hopefully, if I find myself stuck with what to write next, I'll come back and read this post and try one of the things I mentioned to get me going.