Have Suitcase, Will Travel

     Here's today's Road Trip Wednesday Prompt, hosted by the awesome girls over at YA Highway:

In honor of the release of Kirsten's WANDERLOVE yesterday--which is amazing, by the way; get yourselves to a bookstore if you haven't!--we bring you a travel-themed RTW prompt today! If you could wander anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

     Pick anywhere in the world to go? Please? Can I??? I've got a suitcase, I'm ready.
     Seriously, there are so many places in the world I would like to see. I'm not exactly a world traveler. I've been to five Canadian Provinces: BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. I've driven through most of the United States. When I was eighteen I got to visit a small town in France called Perigueux. And the cruise I went on last November allowed me quick glimpses of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas.
     I feel lucky to have been where I have so far. BUT...
     Top on my list? PARIS. This might be an obvious choice for a lot of people, but I took French Immersion all through school and have always dreamed of living there. Although it would take awhile for me to get the language back.
     Second? Italy. Anywhere in Italy. Rome. Venice. That little town on the side of the mountain in the movie Only You. Anywhere. Ahhhh, I die just imagining it.
     After that, I want to go everywhere. Hawaii. England. Scotland. Spain. Any tiny little gorgeous tropical island most people see only in magazines. I would go ANYWHERE. I love to travel. In another life, it's just me, and that's all I do.
     And now I'm going to just sit and stare at this picture for awhile...