Computer Dependency

So last Friday night, I shut down my computer- something I rarely do. When I went to start it up on Saturday morning, nothing. A big, fat, NOTHING. Crap.
My husband took it in and they said it wouldn't be looked at for at least a week.
Bigger crap.
But then... we got a call on Sunday of all days (who works on sundays???) and the guy said not only is the problem teeny, and inexpensive, and easily fixed, but we can pick the computer up... TODAY!!!
Calming down a little...
It's kinda ridiculous how much we depend on computers. I mean, I have most of my writing backed up (except for the editing I did last week), I have an iPad- what i'm using right this second, and really, I should be able to survive without a computer. Knowing that my computer can be fixed fast shouldn't be the best news I've heard since my last child was born. (Joking... sort of.) It's just plain ridiculous. But also inevitable.
Unless I start writing with pens and paper.