Set Fire to the Rain

     I'm really behind on my So You Think You Can Dance Canada shows. Like ten episodes behind. At least I was last night. Trying to catch up I came across this number which I thought was amazing. Love the song, love the dancers, love the emotion. Just wow.
     Set Fire to the Rain (by Adele):

     You might have noticed that my playlist has been expanding. Or you might just mute it, whatever. These songs are solely songs that have either inspired my WIP or I've actually mentioned in my WIP- a lot of them the latter. When a couple of your characters are musicians, it's hard not to mention music. The scene I have planned coming up will have yet another song in it. Can't help it.
     Anyway, have a good labour day weekend. I have family coming to stay and then the kids start school on Tuesday. Yay! Ahem. I mean, sniff. My daughter in Grade 3 and son in Grade 1 and another daughter in playschool twice a week. I can't believe it. It means that for two hours twice a week I'll only have one kid at home. That doesn't seem like much but to me it's... well, HUGE. Hopefully that means I'll get a lot of writing done.