Flash Fiction

     The first challenge for the platform campaign is today. Flash fiction, 200 words or less, starting with, "the door swung open". I'm kind of in a hurry all of a sudden, so here's my entry with no edits, 200 words exactly, and I didn't manage to end with "the door swung shut". Oh well. I tried.

The door swung open and I bounced into the room. I couldn’t believe I was actually here. Finally. My moment had arrived.

It was dark in the theatre and I stumbled a little in my excitement to get down to the stage. Four people sat along the front row, papers stacked on a table in front of them. As I passed, I glanced at the topmost paper and saw myself grinning up at the four strangers. Man, I looked good in that picture.

I climbed the steps and headed to the middle of the stage, positioning myself right under the spotlight.

“Cassie Frank?” a man asked without looking up.

“Yep, that’s me!” I shouted.

Okay, I needed to calm down a little.

“It says here you’ve been in Hairspray, Chicago, Cats, and Mamma Mia.”

It didn’t sound like a question but I answered anyway. “Yes, that’s right.”

“But always in the chorus.”

I licked my lips. “Yes.”

He peered at me over the paper. I forced myself to hold still under his gaze. The other three at the table weren’t even looking at me.

I gathered my courage, lifted my chin and said, “I’m perfect for the lead. Just listen.”