Beautiful Covers

     Ooh, I like this week's Road Trip Wednesday prompt:

What are your all-time favorite book covers?

     I've talked about covers before and how they can totally draw me in. For example, I wanted to read these two books and bought them, merely because of their gorgeous covers (and oddly enough, I loved one of them but the other- not so much):

     Other covers I've loved:

     And then there's the covers that I didn't love at first, but once I read the book, I love them now because they represent a particular scene from the book:

     I think it's interesting that most of these are Yound Adult books. I think they really do a good job trying to draw in younger readers with excellent covers. I know there's more that I haven't thought of, but these are the ones that I probably love the most. I do have to note that I love movie-tie-in covers. When I've seen the movie first and decide to then read the book, I usually try and buy the movie version of the book cover. Like these: