The Sudden Creativity-Disappearing Act

     Have you ever had one of those days where nothing is going on brain-wise? That's what happened to me yesterday. It's not like I wasn't there- I went about my daily routine, functioning normally, carrying on conversations, solving minor problems, etc. But it's like, I was only operating on one level. There was nothing deeper there. I went to post on my blog and I had nothing to say. Which is weird because I have a few topics floating around in my brain that I want to post about sometime. But I couldn't find them yesterday. I couldn't remember them. It's like any creativity I possess had just disappeared.
     I wonder if it's because I spent the entire morning cleaning out my absolutely ba-sgusting van. With four kids you can only imagine how gross and dirty it was. Actually- you can't imagine it- even I was surprised at all the crumbs, crusty fries, old fruit snacks, candies, and toys buried in every nook and cranny of my van. Ew. It was such a mindless task I wonder if it squashed out my creative juices. But then, usually I have lots of ideas flowing when I'm cleaning because it is so mindless I can let my mind wander to other things.
     Who knows. I just know that this sudden-lack-of-creativity-disease hits me every once in awhile. And I really don't like it. It makes me feel like something's missing. Like I'm not my whole self. It's kind of scary actually. I think I need to find a cure, STAT. (Although- phew- I'm back to normal today.)